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"Charming Interactive AR Story Puzzle"

In our house, we've turned every Friday night into Board Game Night. It felt natural that our first official Board Game for Board Game Night would be one that I had the pleasure of narrating and voicing all of the characters for!

It was an absolute delight to work with Redbluestories on their AR story puzzle, The Bear Who Touched the Northern Lights. And yes, I realize that it has a screen and is not technically a board game but we had fun playing it nonetheless!

We were enchanted with the adorable little characters (whom I had only seen as text until this point) and loved the magic of scanning the cards and having them come to life! AR Post also wrote a wonderful article about the "Charming interactive AR story puzzle," as they called it which you can find here: AR Post Article. To get your copy of this delightful puzzle story, visit their site here: RedBlueStories

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