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Video Games

"The Voice Acting Was PERFECT"

- Escapist Magazine

"Brilliant" - Forbes Magazine

"A charming and heartfelt performance" - IGN. 

Voiceovers with a smile.

Video game characters, board game trailers, visual novels, mobile app games I've done them all! Video games have been a part of my life since I was given my first black and white gameboy with Pokemon on it. I've carried that love and passion into adulthood and shared it with my son who also loves video games. 

I became a voice actor when my son was diagnosed with Autism. He also has dyslexia and dysgraphia. We love playing games together so that I can do the character voices for him on games that do not have voice acting. I'm truly blessed to have a career where I can lend my voice to these games so others like my son, who may struggle to read, can enjoy these games the way I always have. 

Thank you for your part in that! 

Whether you need friendly neighbors for your cozy game, creepy creatures for your visual novel, or a narrator for your board game, I promise voiceovers so good they will make you smile. ​Tell me about your project below and let's get started! 

Video Games

Video Games

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