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"The Voice Acting Was PERFECT"

- Escapist Magazine

"Brilliant" - Forbes Magazine

"A charming and heartfelt performance" - IGN. 

Voiceovers with a smile.

“As a little girl, I could be found running around the collision center my dad owned. Growing up around a place that was constantly working on cars meant knowing how to change and rotate my own tires, check and change my own oil, and more. Between my dad and the mechanics that worked with him, I learned not only how to maintain a car on my own, I also learned how to build one. My dad also raced late models on a circle track. He would teach me how to work on it while also teaching me my spelling words from the book propped against the tool box. It created a love that would eventually lead me to try my own hand at building a modified race car to go dirt track racing in the 4-cylinder class. Some of my fondest memories are working on that modified ford with my dad. 

​When I became a voice actor, that passion and fondness came with me. I think my clients can really hear it in my voice even now.”

  • Broadcast Quality Studio

  • Soundproof and Sound Treated 

  • Fast turnaround

  • Live Directed Sessions Available

  • Friendly, engaging, conversational voiceovers!

B F Goodrich Memorial Day Radio Commercial

B F Goodrich Memorial Day Radio Commercial

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