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Kasey Miracle, Voice Actor
Kasey Miracle Voiceovers with a smile

*Audio is solely for client evaluation and is not licensed to any other party for AI training or any other purpose beyond assessing suitability for your project.

Voice Actor

Need a happy, fun, or friendly character? Want your commercial to make your customers smile or invoke happiness and fond memories when they think of your brand? Need a narration for your audiobook, magazine article, e-learning, or explainer video that’s friendly, engaging and easy to listen to? Kasey has got you covered!

She guarantees voice overs so good, they'll make you smile!

Kasey's voice has often been described as friendly, fun and believable. She's versatile too, with a toy box full of tones, ages and characters to help you instantly engage with your target audience. She's been the voice for over 600 projects to date, including national television commercials and radio campaigns, training videos for global companies, and characters for multi-platform video games. She even voiced an award for YouTube's HongKong Music Night Awards in 2021!

Whether you need just a dash of friendly in your professional presentation or a full-on bubbly character for your cartoon, Kasey always delivers ‘voiceovers with a smile.’


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Booth Specs

  • Broadcast Quality Booth

  • Neumann TLM 103 XLR microphone

  • Apollo Twin X Interface

  • Adobe Audition

  • Source Connect Standard

  • Zoom , Skype, Good Meet, Microsoft Teams

  • WeTransfer for file delivery

"The Voice Acting Was PERFECT"  - Escapist Magazine

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